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১৪ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৭ ০০:০০

ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

Completing Story


1. The story of a Rickshaw Puller/ a lucky Rickshaw Puller

Kabir is a poor rickshaw puller in Chittagong. He drives his rickshaw to different areas of the city. One day he saw some men selling lottery tickets enticing the passers-by. Kabir felt tempted and bought a ticket. He was eagerly waiting for the date of declaring the result of the draw...


Answer : ...Then the much awaited day came and the purchased a daily newspaper. He began to search for the news of the draw. Suddenly the news came into his sight and with extreme tension he searched for his number in the lottery winning corner of a page. He found that his ticket number won the first prize. Then his joys knew no bounds. His eyes became sodden with the tears of joy. Then he rushed home without delay. He let his wife and children know about the winning of the lottery. Within seven days he got the money. Then he bought several rickshaws with a portion of the money. He opened a back account and kept the rest of the money with the bank. His rickshaw business went on well. Now he is a successful businessman. From a rickshaw puller Kabir has become the owner of many rickshaws.


2. The story of a greedy dog

Once a  dog  stole a piece of meat from a stall. He ran away with it and at last ----went to a stream. There was a plank across the stream. The dog ran over the plank. When he was running,------- he looked down into the water and saw his own image. But he thought it was another dog with another piece of meat. He failed to understand that it was his own reflection. The dog was greedy. The greedy dog wanted to get that piece of meat too. So he started barking at the reflection to have the other piece of meat. But Alas! During barking, his piece of meat fell from his mouth in the stream below and the current swept it away. Thus the greedy dog lost his meat and became disappointed. It's a learning for all of us that we should not expose over greediness.


3. A struggling woman

Halima was the daughter of a poor farmer. Her father could not educate her on account of his poverty. At the age of fifteen, her parents gave her in marriage with a very poor boy. The boy was lazy and did not do any work...

Answer : ...Though Halima entered her husband's house with the usual dreams and hopes of a young girl, she began to witness there more want, more problems. However, she did not lose heart. She took a loan from a Non-Government Organization working for changing the luck of rural women. She first started rich husking business with the money. She also started a small shop for her husband. Her business and husband's shop began to give them some small profits. She used half of the profit to buy their food and with the rest half she used to repay the loan by installments. Within one year she could repay all the loan money. Then she took a larger loan and started a big business. Now she is a successful business woman and has employed many rural women in her business. Several other women of the surrounding villages are now following her path. 


4. First deserve then desire

After completing graduation Abudl Haque came to Dhaka with the hoping of getting a job. He hoped that his relatives would help him get a job. He applied for many jobs and faced many interviews but could not manage a job for long...

Answer : ...In each place his skills in English and Computer were tested. He was not well conversant in English and not fully computer literate. As he came from a rural area, he could not understand the present reality of the job market. Then he was determined to acquire skills in computer and English language. He started doing some part time jobs and learning computer. Side by side he started practicing spoken and written English. After working hard for several months, he achieved satisfactory skills in the two subjects and with it he gained confidence. Confidence is a great thing to shine in life. Then he tried to manage a good job. He was selected in several places. Finally, he chose one that seemed more suitable for him. Now he works in a multi-national company enjoying a handsome salary.